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Let's build a legacy that will make the next generation proud.

A Note from Daniel

Dear Friend,

Six years ago I first ran for the Florida legislature. Much has changed for me since then, but nothing has transformed my perspective more than becoming a husband and a father.

I learned a tremendous amount about government and politics while working in the Florida Senate and the US House of Representatives, but my wife Nicole and daughter Naomi remind me every day about what truly matters: family and the legacy we will leave behind.

That is why I am committed to public service. Through the thousands of hours I've spent campaigning, volunteering, and working in the Keys and South Miami-Dade, I have seen the challenges we face.

You deserve a representative that you can trust to do the hard work that others don't want to do, every single day, rain or shine.

While politics and opinions too often divide us, I believe that our legacy comes first—and that legacy will be written through action.

Today, I humbly ask you to take action by investing in our community’s legacy with me. If you can, please donate to our campaign using the buttons below.

Any amount helps. Please donate now.

Together, we can create a legacy to be proud of.

Daniel Horton-Diaz

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"I believe that trust can only be earned by showing up to do the hard work that others don't want to do—every single day, rain or shine."

Every Day, Rain or Shine

Our legacy is decided by our actions.

Simply showing up is not enough—it takes hard work, every single day. You deserve a representative who doesn't treat this job like a hobby.

I am committed to earning your vote by showing that I will do whatever it takes to improve our community through hard-work and persistence.

I will work to address our local challenges and deliver real solutions from Day One.

To learn more about how I plan to continue investing in our legacy as your representative, please subscribe to our email list.

On the Issues

Our community's legacy will be written by our actions.
Here is what I stand for.
Clean Water and the Environment

Fight for Clean Water
Water is life. Our economy depends on it, our health depends on it, and future generations depend on it. As your State Representative, I will always fight to protect our water.

Combat the Climate Crisis
Climate change is a crisis for humanity and our community is ground zero. We need to take bold action at every level of government to begin the long process of protecting our communities from rising seas and our drinking water from saltwater intrusion.

Restore the flow of Lake Okeechobee through the Everglades and into Florida Bay
Our community depends on the health of Florida Bay and the health of Florida Bay depends on freshwater flow through the Everglades. I support restoring the flow of Lake Okeechobee through the Everglades and into Florida Bay.

Protect Our Trees and Natural Habitat
Trees provide clean air, promote health and happiness, counteract climate change, conserve energy, filter water, and serve as habitat for wildlife. Many trees also have historical significance to the local communities that treasure them. Key West even has trees that grow on the island that don’t grow anywhere else in the US. The trees in Key West and throughout the district need special protection and I will work in Tallahassee to ensure that local trees get the protections they need.

Local Priorities
  • Protect Home Rule and Empower Local Governments
  • Reduce Tolls and Traffic
  • Stop Illegal Trash Burning and Dumping
  • Support Rail to South Miami-Dade
  • Provide Funding for Community Violence Prevention Programs
  • Ensure the Protection of Property Rights
Affordable Housing
  • Work to Increase Affordable Housing Availability
  • Reduce Property Insurance Costs
  • Support Smart Development
  • Fully Fund the Sadowski Trust
  • Support the Hometown Hero Housing Program
  • Raise Teacher Salaries
  • Provide Teachers and Students with the Resources They Need
  • Keep Guns Out of the Classroom
  • Stop the School to Prison Pipeline
  • Protect LGBTQ+ Students' Rights
  • Expand Coverage to Close the Medicaid Gap
  • Increase Access to Mental Health Services
  • Support Women's Health and Patient Autonomy
  • Increase Access to Suicide Prevention Programs

Family & Community

Daniel Horton-Diaz overcame a childhood of poverty and scarcity to become an attorney, community leader, and proud husband and father.

He and his two siblings were raised by his mother who worked as a teacher for over 40 years. Sometimes when times were tight around the holidays, the local community was the only reason there were presents under the Christmas tree. Often, the community was the reason Daniel’s family had food on the table.

After leaving home at the age of 17, Daniel worked in restaurants as he earned his undergraduate degree. He would go on to earn his law degree from the FIU College of Law where he served as president of the law student body and earned recognition and numerous awards for his advocacy and community service.

Instead of pursuing a high-paying career in law, Daniel chose to commit himself to public service as a political candidate, nonprofit organization leader, and legislative staffer in the Florida Senate and US House of Representatives.

This community is Daniel’s extended family. He seeks to build a legacy as someone who bridged the gap between our families, our community, and our government.

Daniel Horton-Diaz family

Community Endorsements

Shirley Freeman endorses Daniel Horton-Diaz
Shirley Freeman
Former Mayor of Monroe County
Clint Barras endorses Daniel Horton-Diaz
Clint Barras
2020 Democratic Nominee for State House 120
Marjorie Murillo endorses Daniel Horton-Diaz
Marjorie Murillo
Chairwoman - South Bay Community Council
Randy Becker endorses Daniel Horton-Diaz
Rev. Randy Becker
Key West Community Leader
steven green endorses daniel horton-diaz
Steven Green
Councilmember - Redland Community Council
Harvey Server endorses Daniel Horton-Diaz
Harvey Server
Key West Community Leader

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